There are people out there that are evil enough to press pure fentanyl into Xanax bars; they look IDENTICAL to an actual bar of Xanax. I cannot begin imagine why this is happening. But the ones consuming these fake pills are overdosing and dying.
My advice to anyone out there who buys “street” Xanax or from a dealer…STOP. You have no way of knowing if it’s real or fake (unless you go so far as to test it. I do not know what kind of testing kit will confirm that the pill is actually alprazolam or fentanyl) so please…just don’t take the risk. Your life is meaningful to many, and you don’t deserve to suffer from this monstrosity that people are creating.

[other drugs that may be cut with fentanyl; cocaine, ecstasy pills, ketamine, ‘prescription’ painkillers, heroin, etc.]

Please reblog for awareness. You never know whose lives you may save.