I would like to address some things.

I created this blog in order to share psychedelic art, gifs, and music. With that being said, it also attracted a certain variety of followers, many of which consume drugs. As the number of my followers grew, I extended my blog’s focus to include safe drug usage and advice on how to use drugs as carefully and knowledgeably as possible.
So, let’s get a few things straight here. I am not encouraging anyone to do drugs. I am not advocating drug usage, experimentation, or abuse. I have now had a few friends pass away from overdoing, and I use this platform (in addition to posting visually appealing images) as a means to educate, inform, and prevent overdosages from drug use.
This is a judgement free zone. Whether or not you use drugs does not matter to me. What matters is the certain people who hold judgement on those who are users. I am just a person who created a blog; not a therapist, psychologist, nor an AA leader. I do my very best to give researched, informed, and accurate advice and answers to questions; in relation to drugs or not.
So please allow me to share my informed and educated opinion to those whom do not understand. (Again, I am NOT a professional in any way).
Substance use, abuse, or addiction is complex, and can be the result of chemical imbalances in the brain (specifically neurotransmitters such as dopamine and/or serotonin). Everyone who uses drugs is a user; but not every user is an addict. However, no matter the personal circumstances/ diagnoses, there is no way a user will stop using unless they are fully committed. Relapses may happen during this process, but it is the sole responsibility of the individual to complete their goals. Telling them “how about just not doing drugs” is as effective as telling a person with depression “just stop being sad”. It is insensitive and insultingly ignorant.
My blog is a judgement free zone. Do not follow me if you are anti-drug, or judge those who do drugs. And ESPECIALLY do not make ignorant comments on a personal post of mine concerning drug overdose and/or addiction.
I have a lot of love and care to share with the world, and if you are so spiteful as to criticize that, then unfollow me.
As for the rest of you, you are important and deserve to feel comfortable and safe in my blog.